NFL Business Connect is the National Football League’s Special Event Supplier Diversity Program. The Business Connect team works proactively to identify and connect certified, diverse and qualified businesses to compete for contracting opportunities connected to NFL signature events including Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and NFL Draft. Additionally, Business Connect provides networking, educational and other business development resources to prepare businesses for future contract opportunities.


In each event market, our goal is to curate a list of experienced, premiere event-ready businesses with capabilities consistent with the most frequently requested business lines utilized by NFL event producers. Vetted and accepted businesses are designated 'approved vendors' and are added to the NFL Business Connect Resource Guide of certified businesses ready to compete for contracting opportunities.


The goal of the NFL Business Connect Program is to increase procurement opportunities for minority-, women-, LGBT- and veteran-owned enterprises to do business with NFL contractors and/or to grow their companies for future success through Business Connects’ networking, education and professional development programming. Business Connect events are designed to prepare participants for the NFL procurement process and position them to be stronger businesses with increased capacity to secure contracts in their local market.

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Businesses approved for inclusion in the Business Connect Resource Guide must meet five key criteria:

  • Business Connect vendors must be MBE, WBE, DVBE or LGBTBE certified

  • The company must be 51% minority, woman, LGBT, veteran-owned or NFL Legend-owned

  • The business must be local within the established geographic area of the designated event

  • Vendor goods and services must match the approved vendor categories and match scope and capability requirements as outlined by individual contractors

  • Business Connect vendors must be the direct source for the work that they compete for and are contracted to preform

  • Business must have been in operation in the designated market for three years or more

NFL Business Connect Objectives Exclusive to Super Bowl Host Cities include:

  • Maximize contracting opportunities for minority-, women-, LGBT- and disabled veteran-owned businesses in Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Kickoff and Draft host cities

  • Increase the capacity of local business owners to pursue on-going business opportunities within the local community and to further empower and position vendors to take advantage of future large-scale events in their market

  • Offer networking events that provide access to industry leaders for the purposes of business development, education, training, and dialogue

  • Provide business development programming that best reflects the needs of the local business community

For additional questions regarding the NFL Business Connect Program please contact us here.



NFL Business Connect program is a partnership between the National Football League and the Host City to link diverse area suppliers to contracting opportunities related to NFL special events such as Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and Draft.  Suppliers participating in the Business Connect program are not guaranteed to be awarded work with the NFL, it’s host programs - Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and Draft, or Host City partners, however, all participants will be given opportunity to compete for contracts.

Business Connect participants at Super Bowl will also have full access is to networking, educational and other business development opportunities, to encourage greater business success for each participant.

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