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B.J. Waymer


B.J. Waymer is a business strategist with a proven track record of forging business and image growth, building brand equity, and increasing stakeholder value. As a project manager and program development specialist, B.J. aligns ideas, objectives, and resources to bring her clients successful, socially sustainable programs. Her ability to design and implement corporate events and community initiatives augments her talent in building strategic alliances, securing consensus from diverse groups, and negotiating partnerships. B.J. is a skilled communicator with more than 25 years of event, media, community affairs, and program development expertise. Prior to forming Waymer Associates, B.J. was a member of the Carolina Panthers football team’s inaugural franchise management team. She served as the Director of Community Relations and Family Programs department, where she designed and implemented all phases of the team’s community outreach platform - including community relations programming, player community involvement, and team off-the-field imaging. She designed the strategic giving plan and funding protocols for Carolina Panthers Charities, initiated, developed, and grew community partnerships, and created cause marketing initiatives for team sponsors. B.J. is recognized as an award-winning TV News reporter and community affairs program host. 


The Waymer Associates team includes event specialists, graphic artists, brand development experts, and large event logistics coordinators.

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